Scanning images for your project

If you have a scanner connected to your computer, you can use Label Creator to scan images and import them directly into your project. You can scan images into your project as graphic or background objects. Follow this procedure to create a graphic object. For information about scanning an image to use as a background for your layout, see Adding a background color or image.

To scan an image as a graphic object into a layout:

Click Preview scan.
The preview image is enclosed by a dashed box. The borders of the box are called crop lines. Small squares, called handles, are located in the corners and middle of each crop line.
By clicking on the handles, you can drag the borders to enclose a portion of the full preview image. The area within the dashed box is imported, while everything outside the dashed box is discarded.
To change the file format, resolution, or color mode (color, grayscale, or black-and-white), click Options. For more information, click Help in the Scanner Options dialog box.
Tip: To change the path in which the files are saved, click Browse, browse to the desired folder, and click OK.
Click Import Now.
Click Done to close Roxio Media Import and return to Label Creator.

To copy a scanned image to another layout:

Choose Edit > Copy.
Choose Edit > Paste.
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