Selecting Smart Objects

By default, certain objects already exist in layouts when you create a new project. These are Smart Objects, which Label Creator can populate with information it retrieves about your CD or DVD from the disc or from looking online. Label Creator propagates the information in the Smart Objects across all layouts in a project. For example, if you enter information into the Title Smart Object in a Disc Layout, all other layouts in that project, such as the Front and Back, will have that title.

Label Creator layouts have the following Smart Objects:

For information about changing the content and formatting of Smart Objects, see Working with text and graphics.

To choose which Smart Objects to show on your layout:

In the Edit Layout area, select Show/Hide Smart Objects.
Click OK.
Note: When working with your layout, you can hide Smart Objects you don’t want to see by selecting them and using the Delete key. This only works for Smart Objects. Other objects actually will be deleted instead of hidden.
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Selecting Smart Objects