Printing a test page

Before you begin printing with specialized paper (such as label or cover stock), you can print a test page using regular blank paper (such as copy paper).

You might want to print a test page for any of these reasons:

Before you print a test page, make sure you have the actual label or cover stock you plan to print the final layout with.

To print a test page:

Click the Print button, and select the layouts you want to test.
In the Media drop-down list, select one of the following options to specify type of media you want to have your project printed on:
The Paper Type drop-down list changes to the options available for the media you chose.
Place the test copy sheet on top of a blank piece of the label or cover stock. Align them so that the edges of both papers are exact, and hold the two sheets up to a light.
You should be able to see the outlines of the label or cover stock through the test sheet, and therefore you can check to see how the printed layout would look printed onto the label or cover stock.
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Printing a test page